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Welcome to Anti Mosquito…

The mosquito, they're everywhere , form your bedroom, your bath room , even in the wardrobe.

They work day and night, but at the midnight , they gather becoming big groups and hovering around us (they create the sounds of mosquito, mosquito noise, mosquito tone that very uncomfortable) to bite
so what we need do now? , don't worry about this , let The Anti Mosquito app helps you.

The mosquitoes have no ears, the mosquitoes are a group of organisms belonging to the class of insects do not have ears ,How can they recognize the sounds, the mosquitoes actually have a lot of hair on the their legs and head to feel the sound, that is why they are hard to distinguish what is real or fake the sounds.

But now we have our mosquitoes, non-toxic, inexpensive, environmental protection.

Anti Mosquito generates powerful high frequency sounds that mimic sounds of mosquitoes which are natural predators.

How it works :

- When you start the Mosquito Repellent it produces high frequency sound which irritates the mosquitoes and helps you keep them away from you. You can adjust the volume of these sounds and keep it low so that it does not disturbs you.
- There are 3 high frequency sounds 17khz, 19khz, 22khz. You can adjust the sound as you require.
- If you want to keep the repellent on, you can lock your screen and yet the repellent will be on. It will use very less battery.

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This app prevents mosquitoes from biting you by emitting high frequency ultrasound from your phone that repels them away from the source of the sound.

High frequency Sounds which are beyond the hearing sense of human ears. This app prevents mosquitoes from biting you by emitting high frequency ultrasound from your phone that repels them away from the source of the sound.

You can use this app in background.

Disclaimer: It is not a real mosquito repellent tool! Repelling mosquitoes and other insects using sounds is not confirmed by science. The description above is only conjectures.

This app does not guarantee 100% chance of success. There are a lot of mosquito species in the world and some of them may be resistant to ultrasonic sounds. Moreover some built-in phone speakers are not able to produce high frequency sounds.

Thank You…

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